Understanding boundaries and requirements beforehand enables us to relax and focus on enjoying each other’s company when we meet. I’ve listed mine below and answered any additional questions or concerns you may have.

I only devote my time to people who are kind, well-mannered and respectful.

I love to laugh and share stories, it’s the best ice-breaker!

I’m very organized, a great planner, so if you need help planning our date, let me know! 

If you mention illegal transactions or activities, our communication will discontinue and if it is mentioned in person, our date will end promptly with no refund.

I dress chic for public appearances, never sleazy. This includes hotel visits. 

If there is something in particular I don’t already own that you’d like me to wear, you’re welcome to send me a digital gift card to purchase it and wear for you unless you prefer to bring it to present as a gift in private, I can send sizing information once our date is confirmed. My sizes are listed on my LuxyList and other wishlists. Wardrobe requests that are not appropriate for public dates can be worn in private.

Please be on time. I offer a 10 minute grace period, but further tardiness will count towards the booking time.

Any social time on our date is included in the booking, it is never separate.

If there is another person present on our date whom we did not mutually agree upon meeting with, our date will be cancelled immediately with no refund. This includes other models/companions, significant others, friends, family, employees and colleagues – our time together is between us only. A private driver or pilot do not count.

I’m not comfortable attending social events together that include your friends or colleagues unless we are in an official ongoing arrangement so please take care that none ever just show up for any reason.


Please notify me before using me as a reference, it’s common courtesy.

I’m open to being a reference for you twice before our next date and up to 1 year after our last date. After two references, there is $100 fee for each additional reference request between dates.

I expect that you will not be drunk or under the influence of any illegal substances upon arrival and won’t use illegal substances in my presence during our date. Doing so could put me in danger and is grounds for immediate termination of our date with no refund.

I’m legal 420-friendly but do not partake myself.

If you smoke cigarettes or cigars or vape, kindly do so outdoors and keep oral hygiene in check.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to drink on our date, you’re welcome to bring it with you discreetly in a shopping bag.

I’ll give out my phone number before our date to text if that’s preferred communication over e-mail. Phone calls and FaceTime are for an official ongoing arrangement only.

Looking to chit-chat on a regular basis? This is possible if we are in an official ongoing arrangement, otherwise our communication is for finalizing a date and sending or receiving gifts ONLY. I do not offer a chat service.

Proper hygiene is a must. I make myself presentable for you by always being freshly showered and groomed with minty breath and expect you to take your hygiene seriously as well.

If you have a perfume allergy, please inform me when booking our date.

Please keep your hands washed and clean and nails on your hands and feet clean and trimmed short. If you smoke or eat during our date, please wash your hands afterwards and have a toothbrush or mints handy.

Please be freshly showered and wearing deodorant either right before our date or you may shower upon arrival. Please wash head-to-toe thoroughly in the shower.

If you have any open wounds on your hands, face or body that I’d become exposed to, you are required to reschedule our date for a later time when your skin is completely healed, this includes minor cuts and scrapes. I’m in perfect health and take health and hygiene seriously, so I won’t put myself at risk for any sort of infections.

You’re welcome to wear aftershave or cologne if you’d like, I love it when my date smells good! If you have facial hair, it must be freshly washed before our date. If you attempt to begin our date with poor hygiene and refuse to freshen up, I won’t feel comfortable with you and our date will have to end with no refund.

Discretion is of upmost importance to me

By now you hopefully understand how private a person I am. The level of discretion on our date entirely depends on where we are. I can share a list of hotel and dining recommendations if needed.

No FaceTime or webcam/Skype. This is only acceptable if we have both committed to an official ongoing arrangement with an NDA signed beforehand.

If I’m visiting you, I reserve the right to check the area in your presence for hidden recording devices among other things to ensure my safety and privacy. 

If I’m visiting you, please leave my donation in an unsealed envelope in clear view before my arrival.

If you’re visiting me, please place my donation in an unsealed envelope in clear view upon arrival and let me retrieve it privately.

If we are meeting in public, please keep my donation somewhere safe and discreet such as a book or greeting card in a gift bag or tote bag and I’ll retrieve it when we get settled in.

Please do not attempt to hand me my donation or make me ask for it, it ruins the mood.

Violating my privacy by filming me during our date at all whatsoever is a criminal offense without my consent. If you film me, you will be reported to the police. Photographing, filming or recording me without my consent will terminate our meeting with no refund provided and you will be reported.

If we run into each other out in our everyday lives, let’s respect each other’s privacy. Please do not approach me, heckle me, tell the people you’re with about me, approach my friends or family, etc. Unless we have an official ongoing arrangement and mutually agreed to become acquainted with friend(s) and colleague(s), our relationship is meant to stay between us. I respect your privacy and would never do anything to sabotage that, so if you do, you’ll be reported and our relationship will discontinue.

Do not discuss other companions with me and do not discuss me with other companions. Companions don’t discuss clients, all we do is share whether or not someone is safe to see, so asking details about someone is inappropriate. If I find out that you have shared any details about me that I shared with you in confidence with any other companions, you will be reported and I will decline future booking requests.

No, I will not introduce you or your friends to my friends nor have any of my friends join us. My friends are NOT companions. Please do not ask.

I have a NRP (No Review Policy). I don’t participate in review culture because anything I consent to and create with someone is never to be shared publicly. It is an invasion of my privacy, a violation of our agreement and can put me in danger.

I’m reliable, trustworthy, responsible, punctual and handle everything that comes my way with class and a smile!

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